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Welcome to Motorest U Toma

Rest stops on route R-52


We have reopened rest stop on way Brno - Vienna

We are looking forward to your visit

In a cozy atmosphere of our restaurant, you can enjoy roasted honey ribs, roasted pork, homemade soups and minute meals. Additionally you can choose from our menu any time of day or night, we cook for you 24/7.

Total capacity is 98 seats, 48 inside the restaurant and 50 outdoor seating. Large parking area offers sufficient parking for cars, lorries and trucks, including buses.
For tour buses, truck drivers and bigger groups of visistors - please call us one hour in advance of your arrival, we will reserve for you enough places and you will be served without delay.

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Rest stops on route R-52 way to Vienna (first exit after Rajhrad), way to Brno (exit after exit Bratčice). OPENED 24/7.

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